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    • gabriel1937
      By gabriel1937
      After updating the site below to Framework 2.4.6, the main feature slider has changed appearance, now looking pixellated. Before it looked perfect.
      Please can you advise what I should do to make the slider look correct (should be 250px high). See attached for an indication of what is happening.
      Several other the sites we have created use PageLines Framework and I am wary of updating them to 2.4.6 if it will cause all Feature Sliders to break in this way.
      Many thanks,
      Phil Chandler
    • kulmetehan
      By kulmetehan
      Hi guys,
      As you can see on my website: www.kalender-verhuur.nl
      The text color of the navbar (fixed) is white, so is the navbar itself. Therefore the text is invisble. Only when you do something like CTRL+A, you can see the text.
      I tried multiple ways to change the navbar text color but unfortunately it didn't work. Can someone please help me to get the text in the color I want, preferably black please.
    • kellid
      By kellid
      The feature slider images are stacking vertically upon the page load on all browsers.  I found a forum topic that used the following css coding but this is not working for me.  
      #page #feature-area {
                   overflow: hidden;
        I can't take the screen capture fast enough to give a shot of it.   I'm using the newest version of WP and the url is modelalliance.org.  Any help would be appreciated!   Best,   Kelli
    • Toby
      By Toby
      Hi I would like to know if it is possible to make the search bar field/box always visible, so instead of having a magnifying glass and then animating the box to open when the mouse hovers over, I would like it to always show the box/field and magnifying glass.
    • universalhall7
      By universalhall7
      Regarding the feature sliders at this url:
      I need to be able to credit the artist for the images directly at the images on my website.  It seems like the cleanest way to do this is to add hover text to the images with the name of the artist.  I can't seem to figure out though how to add the hover text to the image.  Images displayed in posts and on pages use the title as hover text so that is workable.  Please advise on showing hover text for feature slider images.  Thanks!