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changes to style.less file not showing up

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New to Pagelines and LESS. It is my understanding that Pagelines utilized the style.less file since that's where all the code is (as opposed to the style.css). When I make a change to the style.less file and save it. The changes are NOT reflected in the site. What do I have to do to make my changes show up?

FYI - just installed the latest Pagelines and the MUD child theme so am working int he MUD child theme directory.

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Yup child themes utilize a style.less. The parent framework is (as of 2.3) composed of several encapsulated less files. These files,along with all the style.less files found within the theme, sections, and plugins, are all compiled into one virtual css file. When you save the framework, it will recompile and recache the file. So if you're working on a live site, you have to give the framework a random save to recache.

Here are some reasons why LESS fails to update;

1. Its failing in the compiler due to markup, but the compiler isn't flagging it. Happens on occasion with some syntax.

2. The framework needs a save to recompile the less

3. There's already a LESS error, and future LESS changes wont be updated.

4. CSS isn't specific enough so your rules are being overridden.

5. Just doing it wrong.

I'm gonna bet on #4. What's the specific thing you're trying to do?


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Before I was using the editor to ad the code and make my changes. With this last update the same code I was using is no longer making any change. I read to not ad code in the editor instead go to the setings and make the changes there. I am still learning and I cant find that folder where I can add my code. I found a CSS folder with, multisite.css, objects, shortcodes, animation, but non of those make any diference i f I am add my code to those files. I opened the admin.css at the admin folder and there is no change yet. How can I find that .css file that will make my changes come back?

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There are several places under different circumstances where you may apply CSS changes.

  1. If you're using a Child Theme, use an FTP client and open the sub-folder for the child theme and apply your changes to style.less. The child themes are found in wp-content/themes/ in a sub-folder with the child theme name.
  2. If you're using Framework directly, go to Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > Custom Code in CSS Rules. This is totally allowed, and there's no restriction against it. Changes made here will be applied site-wide, whether you use a child theme or not.
  3. If you have the PageLines Customize plugin activated, go to Dashboard > Plugins > Editor. From the drop down list, select PageLines-Customize, then on the right side, select pagelines-customize/style.css and apply your changes and save.

Please do not attempt to edit core files as you suggest above. You will either totally break your site or, you will lose any changes made there with the next update. We do not support editing core files.

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