Mutli-dimentional Effect

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On my test home page ( I am attempting to replicate the same effect as seen on the footer here: Notice how the footer there is 1030px wide.

On my test home page I've put a content box where I want to create that affect and have set the background to be 1045px with the following code: #contentbox {

  width: 1045px;

  background: white;


Problem is that it overlaps but is off centered. How do I center it up? Obviously, I've attempted

margin-left: auto !important;

margin-right: auto !important;

but it doesn't work. I'm not worried about the .png needed to create the effect, only I can't get the background to be centered.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Instead of adding margin-left or margin-right, you may want to use margin: 0 auto

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