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I suppose many users had to translate on their own PageLines strings.

I'm going to start translating the most relevant strings on my own and I'd be more than happy to share the final file.

But I also believe in the rule of trying not to reinvent the wheel, so here's my question: why PageLines doesn't provide some sort of repository, or even includes already available translations (even partial) in their updates?

If there is already, where is it?


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@catrina, I'm not asking how to localize a theme: I'm quite experienced on it as I've translated many themes and plugin, and I know quite well poEdit.

Actually I've asked something completely different, but probably not being a native English speaker I want' clear enough.

I've asked to PageLines to:

  1. Create an open repository where user can upload an share their po/mo files
  2. Include the most complete translation in the future PageLines updates, to avoid losing them and to save new users' time

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Ah, no, we don't have this type of repository available. Is this is a feature that you want in a future release?

Please read the docs before posting. Please do not private message me unless I ask you to.

Designer | Catrina Dulay

Founder | Catrina and Mouse

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@catrina, you can consider it as a feature, maybe.

I believe though that it should be a natural evolution of PageLines, as there is quite a huge amount of people that would need this.

Again, why recreating a po/mo file, when someone else could have done it already?

As I've already said, I'm going to translate PageLines in Italian and I'll be more than happy to share this file.

What I expect from PageLines is to enable some (controlled) place where other users can pick the language they need or even better, having these files already included in PageLines.

I was thinking to something like that or that

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Thank you Simon!

I've looked in the forum and I didn't find any mention of this community.

I'm a native Italian speaker and I'd be glad to be part of the translation team.

However right now I'm in the 30 days trial of PageLines and I prefer to focus on finding if this theme fits my needs.

I've wasted too much money with other competitors: this is the third theme I'm trying, but at least you provide a refund policy.

I'll get back in touch about translation when/if I decide to keep this theme for my sites.

In the meanwhile, again, thank you!

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The topic was marked as resolved.

Mackenzie - PageLines Help Desk

The Centsible Family - Writer, Photographer and Coffee Addict


Kindly search this forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

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