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Paragraphs not floating next to image

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I'm using the Transparency child theme and on a staff page, I'm using the following code:

.staff-photo {

border: 1px solid #ccc; float:left; width: 139px; height: 210px; padding: 3px; margin-right: 15px;

I then call that class with this html:

<div class="staff-photo"><img src="/wp-includes/images/staff/FAsghar.jpg" /></div>

  <p><strong>Fatima Asghar<br />

Well, it's not working. It works on the main site, but not my dev site.

See here: http://dev.leportschools.com/huntington-harbor/staff/

And live site: http://www.leportschools.com/huntington-harbor/staff/

Any ideas? I really need to figure this one out.

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Your URL is short. In the dev site, if the URL isn't connecting to that image, it will fail to show.

Try using the full URL and see if that works. It likely is working on the main site because that can find the image with that shortened URL.

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