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Just looking at some websites using pagelines and they are using shortcodes to create columns:

for example 2 columns: one_half one_half

or 3 columns: one_third one_third one_third

Could you pls reference the documentation for this? I don't see it in the less documentation


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I am not sure what you're referring to when you say "Less Documentation". However you can see the PageLines grid here - http://demo.pagelines.me/tools/

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Ah my mistake - I was looking at the pagelines showcase page, but I just realised that some of those sites are no longer using pagelines.

The issue though with the pagelines grid, is that for example if i want 3 equal columns, the 4 span each, the columns are very close to each other.

If I want to add a space, it doesn't seem possible. If i add a span 1 between each column, then the columns cannot be equal width, one of the columns would need to be a bit wider.

The spaces are total 2 span from the total width of 12, leaves 10, can't divide by 3. One column needs to be 4 and the other two columns are 3 span each.

Is there a way to addi some space between 3 columns and keeping them equal?

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