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translate editable strings, qtranslate's quicktags

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I need to make blog multilanguage. Is there any way to translate strings which are editable in admin, eg "

Continue Reading Link Text"

or footer text. I'm using qtranslate and his quicktags are not working with pagelines.

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yes, it works. it's here, but it works only when field in admin is empty and displays "[Continue Reading...]" for english. i want customization from admin panel. i've asked if there is something like qtranslate quicktags option where you can write two (or more) strings in one. something like "[:en]Some custom continue reading text...[:pl]Sth in polish...". qtranslate works on entire wordpres, but not in pagelines strings. so i have pagelines with posibility to customize texts in admin but its totally useless because of lack of multilanguage support. is there any other plugin similar to qtranslate that works with pagelines custom texts? changeing this texts by replacing translate files is not what i want.

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You might have better luck with WPML.

All strings frontend and backend are compatible with the standard WordPress translation methods.

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