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Leonardo da Vinci

Elements of my site dose not arrange in right way

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Leonardo da Vinci

Hi supports

When I refresh / reload my site in browser all elements of my site dose not arrange in right way ( take like basic HTML view ) but at the second refresh all elements return to their places , this mater happen all time , What is the mater ? I tried more than one browser but the same problem.

By the way this happen also after changing some things in Wordpress/pagelines settings or change or remove some sections and so on .

Please may you help me

Thanks a lot

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    • FionaFell
      By FionaFell
      Hi Team, 
      I've created a new website using PageLines DMS, and I have a questions around the Mobile display of this website. 
      When viewed using a laptop/desktop things are great and visitors can see the pics and the form, side by side. 
      When being viewed on a smaller mobile device, like an iPhone things that are in two columns (wedding/pets) get a rank/order and appear in one continuous stream of content. 
      My questions is, can I choose the order in which items appear? My client wants the text box that contains the contact form to appear first, rather than the large image galleries and testimonials. 
      Desktop - side by side is great - perfect as it is now
      Mobile - prefer the text box inc contact form to appear first, then images/galleries/testimonials
      Can this happen? What changes do I need to make to have things arranged in this order for mobile devices?
      Thanks for your help with this.
      - Fiona
    • lutz
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      Hi everybody!
      I'm trying to place the horizontal sidebar, wich I arranged on top of the branding header, more to the right. I use this for ad tags and these have to be placed on the right side of the page to combine with the skyscraper ad in the vertical (secondary) sidebar besides it.
      With your help I managed to pull the secondary sidebar up to the top with this code:
      #site #sidebar2{margin-top:-359px;}
      Works great!
      Now I'm looking for the same thing for the universal sidebar, but horizontal, not vertical.
      I already tried things like:
      #site #sidebar_universal{margin-left:600px;}
      and so on, but couldn't find the right code to make it work.
      Can somebody tell me, how to re-position the universal sidebar horizontally?
      Maybe with another command?
      Thanks in advance!