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Pagelines version 2.3

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When you say that the newest version of Pagelines 2.3 has gravity forms "support", what exactly does this mean? Pagelines is now providing the Gravity Forms service, so we don't need to install any form plugins any more? and we get the features of gravity forms without needing to pay for it?


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None of the above.

It simply means that Gravity Forms is ready to use without any special effort or CSS coding. Previously, Gravity Forms users had to do considerable work to make it work. You still need the plugin and if you pay for it separately, that's still needed as well.

This will make integration of Gravity Forms far easier for those who prefer it to other form plugins.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Why did Pagelines give preferential treatment to Gravity Forms?

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No special reason other than customers asked for it to be styled better.

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