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When I'm trying to customize the Facebook all-in-one plugin my header image on the blog site keep getting removed from my page settings in wordpress. Also I'm trying to apply all 3 of the Facebook widgets. “Like Box,” “Like Button” & “Comments.” But I only manage 1 widget at a time, and they are all on the places where it is just suppose to be one specific facebook widget. For example I try to have a "Like Box" on the left sidebar but instead I have a comments. I also have a comment at the bottom of the page but it is suppose to be like that. The blog posts have "Like buttons" but I think they are from another plugin, like the jetpack.

I tried to search if anyone else had the same problem but I could not find any posts

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Hi there, as this is a third party plugin you'll have to go to the plugin author directly for additional support. You can contact him using this link halfway down the page on the right they'll be a contact button for the author.

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Ok, thank you

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The topic was marked as resolved.

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