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supersize background image not longer supersized after 3.4.2 update

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For reason your pagelines style.css which is located here:


Is being redirected to:


It looks as though your main site isn't using Wordpress, that is the cause of the issue. PageLines will only work Wordpress 3.0 or greater.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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thanks for the reply. Sorry having to use a domain alias to allow public access to the site. It is wordpress 3.4.2 underneath.

I can see the problem when I access it on the correct URL (http://kasiazaluskaphotography.com)

Also problem seems to have only just starting happening after I upgraded to the latest version.

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I am seeing what looks like a supersized background, though I cannot tell for sure because I can't view source.

Either the upgrade to 2.3 resolved it or it may be a browser problem. Which browser are you using to view where you cannot see the supersize effect?

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