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copyright & usage issues

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I'm new on this forum so I just want to ask some beginner questions about the 2.3 framework.

Well I see that the professional framework with Plus Membership now costs 87$ until October 10th.

I plan to buy this framework to make a website for my university here in Romania. Is the professional plan suitable for this kind of site? (If you own the PageLines Professional Edition you can use it on multiple sites owned by you or your organization.) - that's what it says @FAQ. Now I will not OWN the university site, I will just make it. The 2.3 framework that I'll buy will ONLY be used for this one particular site.

Is what i want to do legal?

Another thing that I would like to ask: The *Terms of Service* say that page lines is licensed under GNU license. Ok so that requires the developer to copyright its product.

Now I'm asking you: Where do I find the copyright notices, trademarks, etc.

You may not remove, obscure, or alter PageLines’ copyright notices, trademarks,or other proprietary rights notices affixed to or contained within the PageLines Framework.) so that I know not to remove them?

What other things are there that I shouldn't modify? (for example, can i remove the things like " was created with pagelines and wordpress" or links/images - that leaf - in the footer?)

Thanks, have a great day!

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Your questions are very important and thus I've asked one of our management team to respond directly to you.

Unfortunately, via the forum we cannot answer legal questions such as the ones you've raised.

We should be in touch with you by Monday.

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Hey guys, I didn't get any answer yet. Can you help please?


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Please write to I apologize for the delay.

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