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Header Image Issue with Pagelines

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I need some help with correcting the formatting issue on my website: http://stollmedicalgroup.com

You will need to log-in to view the website and the credentials are pagelines and pagelines

The header was screwed up by someone who didn't know what he was doing and I am trying get it back to normal without losing the other css modifications. The logo is all the way to the left and there is a border at the top above the logo that I don't want there.

Please HELP

Thank you,

Andrew Eriksen

[email protected]

view my pagelines site: http://physiciancred...ingservices.com

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Hi Andrew,

Its very difficult to assist you when we don't actually know what the this person has changed. The error on your site is associated to /wp-includes/plugin.php. So you should be able to download a fresh copy of Wordpress and upload the file to replace the one that is causing the error.

However, this isn't related to PageLines as far as I can see and you would probably best asking for support on the Wordpress support forums.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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I am not concerned about the plugin error on the coming soon page because I know that is from a conflict with the coming soon plugin I have installed. What I am concerned about is the header area of the site which you can see once you login to the wordpress control panel and navigate back to the site. It could be as simple as me updating the header file but I am really not sure.

Thank you for your assistance


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I just reverted to using the pagelines core framework which corrected the issue. Does this mean that all of css modifications will be erased when I update pagelines next time? I am using the custom css portion under pagelines options but was using a child theme previously and just want to ensure my work will not be erased

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Any CSS changes to your site must be made in one of three places ONLY:

1. Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > Custom Code in CSS Rules

2. style.css in a Base or Child theme

3. style.css in PageLines Customize plugin via the plugin editor at Dashboard > Plugins > Editor, then selecting PageLines Customize from the drop menu top right. (Ignore anything saying "inactive" as that's just a WP mistake.)

I'm most concerned after seeing:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, first array member is not a valid class name or object in /home/physic25/public_html/stollmedicalgroup.com/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 403

This says you've got a WordPress installation error or, someone/something has corrupted it. That could be caused by an errant plugin or bad WP installation. Likely, a plugin.

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