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Shane Holloman

I love PL 2.3 Pro but Buddypress styling is a wreck!

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Shane Holloman

Has anyone managed to get buddypress 1.6.1 looking presentable in Pagelines 2.3 Pro. It appears to be a bootstrap styling clash.

I'd love to know if I'm missing something obvious!

buddypress and pagelines ugly styling!.tiff

Shane Holloman

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he site you added in your profile does not have buddypress installed.

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buddypress styling is a wreck anyway. it's tough. buddypress is simply not a plug and play plugin. i use it on two sites and well -- it's not really "fun."

when working with buddypress expect to really need to dig and find seemingly unreasonable solutions and figure out odd workarounds, etc.

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wanted to come back though and say -- it can be worth it to work with buddypress and it looks to have gotten quite a bit easier over the years. still a lot of people throw away buddypress.

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True. I'm not sure what could be causing the styling issues in Buddypress (if I did I'd tell you, haha).

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i just stepped back from pagelines/buddypress and decided to go with buddypress default theme for one of my two buddypress communities. at www.curetinnitus.org i do have framework or pagelines (not sure exactly what version it is or what exactly it's called) working -- and working quite well -- so it's possible. but you might have to leap over tall buildings, hire some folks, eat superfoods, and spend a few sleepless nights to get it to work. (i did all but one of those LOL).

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