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The name of my site is appearing on my background image

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My site title "Hook Flyfishing" is appearing in the bottom right corner of the background images that I upload. I've tried to find the problem using firebug and I've been through several aspects of the dashboard but I cannot find the source of the problem. Does anyone have any ideas where this is coming from and how to remove it?

My URL is http://hookflyfishing.com

The site title appears partway down the page on the right. Zooming out might help you see the problem.

Thank you,

Shannon Long


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You should fix your validation errors first.

Looks like a lot of it is from whatever text your are copy+pasting from has non utf-8 characters and also escape functions, example...

you are using it's the is an escape char, why? and you have several rn as well, html for a new line is <br />

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I removed a plugin called Scroll Post Excerpt which was putting posts on the front page that contained what I think are artifacts from text that was pasted into the post from Microsoft Word or some other heavily formatted word processor. Thre are no "" slashes now but the site title "Hook Flyfishing" is still in my background.

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That was it. I recently installed the Watermark Pro plug-in. I never thought it would also watermark my uploaded background image. Thanks for the help.


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