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    • tom0360
      By tom0360
      I have the same issues with top navigation links being removed when adding submenu. I seen this post on the forum but don't see the Drag and Drop or Header areas in the pagelines admin area.  Has this been removed or is it possible that as a admin but not site owner I am not seeing these options. I really would like to have both the top navigational links clickable. I am using hover to display the sub-menus
      Link to the site I am working with: http://www.exhibeo.com/
      Thank You
    • bjs198
      By bjs198
      Hey team DMS, I have a client needing a few tweaks to their site and am not sure I can offer the changes. Can you advise?
      1) Is is possible to disable the functionality of a Rev Slider stopping when hovered over? The client wishes for teh slides to continue sliding, not stop when hovered over. I'm sure there used to be an option to toggle this for each Rev Slider independently no?
      2) Same client is using a fixed nav mega menu and would like to make the backing of the nav and the mega menu drop down a little transparent, not sure this is possible without CSS right?
      Thanks :)
    • evscicats
      By evscicats
      I have not been able to find where I can turn on a search box for the mobile version of the nav menu.  It's available on the desktop view but not when viewed on my iPhone.  Is that not an option?  On my framework site I have a search box in both views but I don't seem to have one when using DMS.  
      Here's my site - http://www.evscicats.com/evscnewsletter/
      Thanks for any help you can lend.
    • basmati
      By basmati
      Hi Evan, thanks for the usefull sidekick menu. a question: is sidekick a solution to display childpages only? Or is it possible to use it as a standalone navigation menu (with parent and childpages together)? i'm looking for a vertical responsive sidebar menu - without the usual wordpress horizontal main nav. and what about IE behaviour - does it work in Explorer Version 7 (IE 6 support would be great as well). thanks for an answer! peter
    • bnapoli
      By bnapoli+
      I upgraded ambitioninsight.com to the latest version of Pagelines Framework and suddenly my dropdown nav items no longer work, and my font choice "droid sans" no longer shows the correct font. Other fonts still work. I verified Droid Sans and Allow DropDown Nav menus are both selected from within the admin panel. Please help, thanks Did nothing more than upgrade to latest version of PL Framework