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Branding Section displays Social Icons above logo

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I have just updated to 2.3 and now my social icons appear above rather than on top of my title image.

Live: http://blog.hinshelwood.com (Pagelines 2.2.5)

Staging: http://blog.mrhinsh.staging.wpengine.com/ (Pagelines 2.3)

I have tried in both Chrome and IE10 with the same results:


Is this a bug?

I have tried removing all of my custom CSS to no avail and my page looked like this 10 minutes ago:


Short of going back to a previous version what are my options?

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It would appear that there is a float: left, if you add the code below to your custom CSS. It should resolve your issue.

.section-branding .mainlogo-link, .section-branding .mainlogo-img {
float: none !important;

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks so much. I added:

/* START - Bugfix for PageLines 2.3 wierd header thing */

.section-branding .mainlogo-link, .section-branding .mainlogo-img {

float: none !important;


/* END - Bugfix for PageLines 2.3 wierd header thing */

To my custom CSS and it fixed the problem right up...

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The topic was marked as resolved.

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