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I need to add a sidebar to the homepage of a site

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I've got a site with a slider below the navbar on the homepage.

Below the slider, I want to basically have three columns - two would contain product info areas (each with three products per area, two product info areas per "row") and the third would contain recent posts (added via shortcode from a plugin).

Each product info area needs to have a heading, an image, some text, and a link/button.

I'm thinking of the recent posts box as a sidebar because of how I want it to behave.

I've tried to achieve this by adding three Boxes Sections below the slider - the first section with three boxes (for the first row of the product areas and for the recent posts) and the other two sections with two boxes (for the remaining rows of product areas).

The problem is that the second and third Box Sections are force to sit below the first Box Section, which, since the Recent Posts box is basically equivalent in height to the entire product info area, leaves a huge blank space below the first row of product info boxes.

I've looked for a way to add a sidebar to the homepage but haven't had success. The universal sidebar seems to span the full width of the page and custom CSS doesn't seem to do the trick, so I'm guessing that that isn't the way to go.

I know that I can use one Box Section with three boxes and add all of the content for the product info area into the first two boxes and the shortcode for recent posts in the third box, but I'm wondering if there's a better way.

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Okay, so I think I've worked it out.

In the template for the homepage, under Page Templates, I've got Features section for the slider and Content section active.

And then under Content Area for the same template, I'ved added three rows of Boxes to Active Sections.

And, finally, under SB1, I've added the Tertiary Sidebar section to Active Sections.

Everything seems to be lining up the way I want, so I think I'm all sorted now.

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I just found out that I needed to take a couple more steps to get things working/looking properly.

Inside the WordPress text editor for the page I'm editing (homepage), under PageLines Meta settings, I needed to select the page layout so that the sidebar showed up where I wanted it and I also needed to tick the "Hide the Primary Sidebar" box under Individual Page Section Control in order to keep it from showing up on (and throwing into disarray) the homepage.

Now it looks like I am well and truly sorted.

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Great. Happy you were able to sort that out.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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The topic was marked as resolved.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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