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    • Jessica McCabe Lawson
      By Jessica McCabe Lawson+
      I created a new account for business purposes but I have lost the password, and the password reset link does nothing. This is urgent, as we're close to launch and I'm experiencing issues with platform 5. I'm trying to reconnect my account to see if that helps, but so far, nothing is working.
      How can I reset my password for the account associated with [email protected]?
    • melward
      By melward
      I have a page that is password protected - when the password is first entered, that page refreshes and a blank screen shows. 
      I am using free pages theme version 2.4.4, wordpress 3.7.1
      List of plugins I am using http://prntscr.com/21ofgf
      website http://prowesstestprep.com/
      I run in a dual server environment with a load balancer  - to eliminate the possibility of someone entering in the password on server 1 and it refreshing onto server 2, there is a subdomain that the site runs off of and the menu link specifies for that page to stay on server 1 
    • PreSalesUser
      By PreSalesUser
      Hello Pagelines Team,

      I was trying to get in touch pre-sales but could not find any other way than registering with the forum. If this is the wrong section of your forum then please move the post accordingly.

      Two things.

      1. Question about the licenses available.

      Following situation. I design for a few friends and businesses. This work should be done within 2-4, maximum 6 month. During this time I am happy to pay the Business licence per month and evaluate Pagelines at the same time.

      Since the sites will all be static once done I wonder what happens after I run out of the licence.

      Basically I won't need to touch the site anymore and the clients should be happy with the work.

      Will Pagelines, however, insert some sort of link or note after I have run out of the Business license?

      Does this mean, for as long as the license is paid the Pageline links (in the footer I assume) can be removed, however if I move on or decide to leave the license as is, as the work on the site is done, Pagelines will indeed edit the site and insert a link or note? (Says you "don't mess with sites", but what should we call this then and is there a way to buy out of it? Money is not the issue for the time being, happy to pay for a Business or Developers license.)

      This ultimately means that Pagelines does bind customers and developers to paying a monthly fee for the link credit to stay out of the site, even though the site is done and the client is happy with the work. Is this assumption correct?
      If this is the case, what license does need to be purchased, so that sites I have worked on stay as they were originally designed, even after I run out of the license and have stopped using Pagelines? Is there a way to use Pagelines, no matter what licence, design sites with it, and once done, stop using Pagelines, let the license run out BUT have the sites I worked on stay 100% like they were finished without credit link?
      Thanks for any help with this.

      2. I noticed a slight hiccup with the registration & password recovery links being sent out via email.

      The registration link that has been sent to me was:
      http://forum.pagelines.com/index.php?app=core&module=global§ion=register&do=auto_validate&uid=USER_ID_HERE however it should have been:
      http://forum.pagelines.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register&do=auto_validate&uid=USER_ID_HERE See the difference between
      §ion=register and
      &section=register ? Somehow the
      § eats up the
      &sect of the link.

      Same goes for password recovery links. Not sure if this is happening to every registration email or password recovery link sent out, however it did happen to me. Seems either the link got parsed incorrectly during transmission or was sent out incorrectly to start with.

      After a little while I spotted the error and was able to verify and log on. Admins might want to look into this, just a heads up really.
      So yeah, hope to have been of help with the info about the links and would likewise be tremendously happy about input on my first question. Not holding back to get a Business or Developer license if this issue with the credit link can somehow be explained to me.
      Best Regards
      Gosh after I posted I see that even the section sign https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_sign put in code quotes in the forum will not show up correctly but will always display the HTML entity!! Even when put in code quotes! Not sure if this is wanted or not but since I had issues registering you might want to look into this.
    • rdevicq
      By rdevicq
      I have been struggling with "the password" feature. It was working fine when it was in the development stages, then when we went "live", it would not accept the password we gave it. As instructed by James of the "Page Lines Experience Team", I deactivated all the plug ins, changed the pass word, and then "saved" the permalinks. I even changed the passowrd on every page where it appears to a new one, but it still doesn't work. I do not think this is a plu-in, as it is part of the bulit in password "Visibility" feature on the Dashboard/Pages. Attached is a screen shot of the Plug-ins I have, now, all deactivated.