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    • kulmetehan
      By kulmetehan
      Hi guys,
      So I don't know what exactly is going on. But I get a "Error occurred: 404 - not found" whenever I try to visit any page on my website, except for the Homepage. Even though the pages are set up and published, I get this error.
      Any idea where it's coming from and how to fix it? Thanks!
      Please check out for yourself at: http://rijschoolacademie.nl/
    • kulmetehan
      By kulmetehan
      Hi guys,
      I've been a DMS user from day one and went pro just a little while after. Anyway, the last changes in plans and stuff made some things unclear to me. I'm stil paying for the  $10 a month plan. But with the key I received at that time I can't seem to activate my website: www.kocvleeswaren.nl and therefore can't edit the pro sections.
      First it says  "User updated! Site Activated!", after it says "Site not activated".
      Before: http://cl.ly/image/061T0a303d40/before.png
      After: http://cl.ly/image/2e0K271m3E2M/after.png
      I can download DMS2.0 without restrictions and use that, that's cool. I'm very happy for that. But the problem is that I now can't edit my website with the old version of DMS.
      What can we do to solve this? Please help.
    • topjaba
      By topjaba
      I have 2 questions re the full width Navi with mega menu enabled.
      1) I cannot seem to position the menu to the left.  Not sure re the css for that one...
      2) Regardless of whether I have mega menu enabled or any other nav menu, my long menu lists cannot be scolled beyond the height of the screen. 
      For example I have a menu header called Areas.  Each header represents a county and the children to the counties are the cities in the respective county.  So, a county like Los Angeles that has beaucoup cities, we're only able to scoll down as far as the bottom of the window.  We cannot continue to scroll farther down the list.
      Thanks for looking.
    • minnawallin3
      By minnawallin3
      I am wondering if it is possible to create a left sided menu instead of the top one? is there plugins for that or how would you do it? 
      My client now wants their logo on top and then menu.
      any tips?
      Thank you.
      best regards Minna
    • DanatTLFN
      By DanatTLFN
      Site URL: http://thelocalfilmnetwork.com/
      Theme Version: Pagelines Lite Ver 2.4.4
      Site hosting: GoDaddy
      Hi everyone in the Pagelines forum. I have a little issue/perk that I seem to have stumbled across whilst using your theme framework.
      After the update to 2.4.4, my free version of pagelines now allows me to access features that I was not able to use before. The features are labelled as 'Pro' and so I assume are for the pro version of your Pagelines framework.
      Whilst I have added one or two pro features to my site I wanted to hold off using most of them, before I had confirmation from you guys that it was actually safe and ok to do so. 
      To my knowledge I have not yet purchased your Pagelines framework, however I am definitely considering it!
      Put Simply, Should I have access to these pro features such as a site navicon image, social icons, foot cols and so on... or is this a mistake?
      Hope to hear from you soon. Any help would be great.