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    • stijnxo
      By stijnxo+
      Is it possible to get the children of the parent page in Powerloop using Custom Taxonomy and Custom term?
    • DanatTLFN
      By DanatTLFN
      Site URL: http://thelocalfilmnetwork.com
      Host: GoDaddy
      Hi Pagelines team and community,
      I am going to be attempting to do a full migration from GoDaddy to WPEngine. 
      I need to know, will I lose the front-end customisations I have made?
      Also are there any backups or things I need to do to ensure that I do not lose any important info relating to the site?
      Kind regards,
    • DanatTLFN
      By DanatTLFN
      Hi Pagelines Team,
      I am interested in setting up a bbPress forum on my website.
      Unfortunately, I have never set up a child theme for my site and have been just using the drag and drop system to put together my site on the main theme. If I am to install the child theme, and activate it, what do I stand to lose in terms of design and current configuration settings on the backend?
      Thank you for taking this time to read this.
      Kind regards,
    • aldisney
      By aldisney+
      I was wondering if there was a relatively easy to way automatically assign a thumbnail to a post category when displaying posts in the Masonic Gallery format, when the post doesn't have a featured image? I've got a client with a ton of posts that just won't have any featured images, but each category has a header image. I'd like to display the header image as the thumbnail for all these posts, since, going forward, my client does actually plan to use featured images.
    • conduitcomms
      By conduitcomms
      Hello there,
      I am a newbie to DMS. I have a serious problem but I don't know how to fixed it. After I edit my site with DMS Pageline, the front end didn't show my design.
      How it look like at my back-end, (After I have log in, it shows like this, which is exactly my design)

      However, after I have log out and view it in both Safari and Chrome, this is how it look like at the front end

      Is there any way I have done it wrong? I have already activate the DMS 2 with the Key.
      I am here to attach my site info.
      Website URL: http://conduitcomms.com/parallax_experiment/
      Framework Version: DMS 2
      WordPress Version: Wordpress 4.0.1

      Plugins in Use:

      Server/Host: hksho0
      Thank you very much!