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Need Help with Navigation Hover Effect

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Hello All! First, a quick disclaimer: I do not know how to write CSS and have only a basic knowledge of HTML. However, I've become pretty well-versed in creating a website using CMS and am comfortable with the PageLines framework. Now that that's out of the way, here's the link to my website (still under construction) www.dcdips.com. I want to make it so that when you mouseover the main nav menu at the top that the text will be white and the box around it will be red. I went to the design control tab and changed the colors on everything listed and it is not creating that effect. I have the "Custom CSS" plugin activated, but I don't know what to put in there. Can someone tell me how to do this or what to put on the CSS page? Thank You!

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Hi doziercreative

It is advisable to learn how to do this on your own too.

Check out http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/Custom_CSS

If you need more CSS help, make sure you've downloaded Firebug for Firefox

and check out W3 Schools for more info.


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Okay, bookmark this link because you're going to learn to truly love it. http://www.colorpicker.com/

With that site you can pick a color you like. In the top, you'll see # with an alpha/numeric six digit code. For example #FFFFFF is white and #000000 is black.

In the various parts of the Simple CSS Lite plugin, you simply copy the code and insert the # first. So, if you wanted a deep red background color for menu items, you'd add #C00000 and thinking in terms of contrast, you'd probably want a white link. Since you might like to mouseover, it should still be light, so try a pale yellow, again, finding the right shades and colors you prefer using the colorpicker website.

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