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Add button to branding header/social icons

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Hi, All ----

My site is bilingual in French and English. I would like to add a small button/link next to

my social icons that will either say "EN" for English - or I'll simply include the whole word

"English." But I would like for it (the button) to be the same height and appear next to the

social icons, with equal padding.

I have added the Bootstrap Shortcode plugin and would like to use the following:

[TBS_BUTTON class="btn-mini btn-default" element="a" link="http://sinfoniettaparis.org/?page_id=946" title="SPCO Homepage 2"]English[/TBS_BUTTON]

Can someone please where and how I should place the code? What else do I need to

add in order to have the button appear along side the social icons?

I am using Pagelines 2.2 framework.




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Hi Michael

You can add an action for add a button

Some comment give the action: 'pagelines_branding_icons_start'or 'pagelines_branding_icons_end' or 'pagelines_before_branding_icons' or 'pagelines_after_branding_icons'

You can find at


You can see this links to begin:



Here and example

add_action('pagelines_branding_icons_start', 'add_button');

function add_button() {


<a class="btn btn-mini btn-default" href="http://sinfoniettaparis.org/?page_id=946">English</a>



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Hi B-man,

Okay - thank you. I've added and activated my Pagelines Customize plugin. So where do I add the code that you include

above? In the style.css or functions.php file? Or can I add this code to the Custom Code section?


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Batman is correct. A hook via pageLines-customize/functions.php is the proper method to accomplish your goals.

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