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Styling Feature text and links in ecoPro

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Bryan in a past thread you suggested this code

.content .fbox .fboxtext a{color:#777}
	.content .fbox .fboxtext a:hover{
to allow me to customize the look of links inside one of my feature boxes text. I tried this and got no effect whatsoever. Any thoughts on what may be going on? Note: I have managed to style some prototype HTML button in that same box via the custom CSS panel in wordpress so I think I get the mechanism - just this code seems to have no effect. BTW, Here's the code that I currently have for that feature text:
<p>blah blah blah.</p>
	<h3 class="fsub">Try it online now!</h3>

Note: I also tried the code you gave me without the h3 tag on the last link but that had no effect either. Also, as I was playing with this I noticed that anything (text and/or images) that has a link associated with it in this feature text box will end up having this weird dotted underline effect (see here and here for two examples). The only instance of a link without that effect is the code I pasted above. What's up with that? thank you! f

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