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    • paoloimperiale
      By paoloimperiale+
      I was wondering if there is a way to remove "related posts" at the bottom of the pin. I just looks messy.
      (website: paoloimperiale.com)
      Thank you.

    • Aldo
      By Aldo
      I have an issue were only some computers see the top banner image repeat on the left and right side.
      The way I made the banner is with just a canvas background and placed an image. This was so the image will stretch to the max on either side.
      see attached of the error with it repeating banner
    • lemureyes
      By lemureyes
      I have been trying for hours to get my social media buttons to appear in my header with installing custom widgets, yet they are not exactly what I have in mind.
      I would like it to just have the social media buttons all line up right next to my banner like it does in DMS. I am really lost on child pages and how to input custom code into pagelines. I am really just looking for a article that will help me out or a youtube video.
      *Disclaimer my website does need a lot of work I am learning all of this as I go.*
    • Aldo
      By Aldo
      I am working on a site that has a background graphic uploaded to a canves area, and a foreground graphic. The foreground has text and a head shot of a person. I have a foreground graphic I can hide the foreground so that the word don't run off the mobile device screen.
      I what I like to do is keep a desktop version for wide screens and a mobile version for smaller screens. Is there a way in Pagelines to  do this?
    • kellid
      By kellid
      I'm trying to add a banner image in the header of my site between the logo and drop down login box to the right.  I've added code to my header.php file but it's above the header and not nested between these two points.  
      [post='[ptiframe]61-afj1e3[/ptiframe]']Here[/post] is the code i've used in my header.php file and here is the site...
      I am using pagelines framework, not DMS version 2.2.5.  
      Any guidance with this would be Greatly appreciated!
      Thank You!