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Pagelines Staff and Management, I've been with you guys since you started with themes like EcoPro through PlatformPro and now I'm looking at upgrading to Framework, HOWEVER, — I hesitate to spend the $290+ if I can't actually find the information (i.e., documentation and training materials) to efficaciously create the online content I need to produce.


I just spent 20-minutes attempting to find out how to put an "Intro Unit" on a page after stumbling upon the documentation for it after spending 30-minutes roaming through documentation and experimentation trying to do exactly this. I then wasted the 20-minutes ending up in a circle of links that finished with "there is no text matching this" message and only by sheer cussedness did I come across the post in the forum explaining that the "intro unit" name has changed to "hero unit." 


Gentlemen, this is unacceptable in a premium-priced product in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century. You have a business problem. A severe business problem. I now understand why 4 developers and 3 web owners I work with have switched to other platforms from Pagelines. Your product is not just the code; your product includes the training and documentation materials. You would have an astounding product IF you fixed this major bug, because that's what t his is — a major bug in your product. It is an interface problem, a major user interface problem. And it is one that is quickly and easily fixed.


You need to hire someone, on staff eventually but outsourced now if need be, who goes in and updates all the videos in something like 2-4 days (it shouldn't take any longer). This shouldn't be a part-time gig for someone who really wants to be a coder. This shouldn't be a task given to someone who *also has to handle hours of tech support.* This is a Mission Critical Position that should be given to someone whose interest and experience is in educational and training materials and documentation who can focus on user experience.


Next, ALL the documentation needs to be replaced with functioning *and accurate* documentation. No crappy circular links. The Intro Unit page should say "This feature is now called Hero Unit" with a link to the Hero Unit information. All other links on the page are removed. The Search on the site sucks (sorry to be blunt, but it's true). If your search engine isn't up to the task, integrate Google's (which by the way is how I found the post that tells me that the Intro Unit is now the Hero Unit).


This isn't a flourish for the product. This is where you are leaking money, a lot of money, right now, right this very second. Because people are talking about this problem online, right now, and telling other people, potential customers, to consider other options. And other people are seeing the opportunity and are filling it. In addition, good documentation reduces the need for support staff spending time on a myriad of individual questions. Saying your customers and clients don't use documentation is BS. It is an indicator that you have a documentation and training material failure which is a support failure. 


I have to make a decision this week about whether I'm upgrading to Framework or moving on to one of the other options recommended by my peers. It will depend upon how the rest of the test development goes today.


But I strongly (and I simply can't make this strong enough) recommend that the executive management look at this problem and make it a priority for 2013 starting NOW!


Oh, and one quick documentation tip: It would save a great deal of time and frustration for your customers if there were a pop-up, drop-down, or some other mini-guide in the Pagelines Administration that gave a quick, one-line description of what each the units (sections, features, whatever you want to call them) did so that we could immediately tell if we want a banner or a highlight or a masthead or a hero unit.





After posting the above, I went back and started again clicking on the link that was suppose to take me to the new documentation (why don't I go there from all the links?). I scrolled down and clicked on Hero Unit and found this text:

"The Intro Unit forces the focus of your visitors onto your featured content, and a call to action with a simple button that directs traffic to any destination." [italics bold mine] Uhm, someone other than person doing the writing needs to proof this material.

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