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Primary Sidebar shows wrong widgets

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ipereda    0

Hi, A solution to this problem with de sidebar widgets in German localizations: 1.- Edit the "de_DE.po" German language file with "poedit" tool. This file is in languages folder of pagelines theme. 2.- Search the name of sidebars. For example: Primary Sidebar, Secondary Sidebar, Universal Sidebar, etc... 3.- Change the translation to English. For example: Primary Sidebar to Primary Sidebar :-) 4.- Save changes (de_DE.mo file) and exit. Regards

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Rob    547

The new .po and .mo files may be viewed by WP as installation of a new theme. As a result, your widget order probably went out of normal positioning. Widgets can simply be re-ordered by sliding them from sidebar to sidebar (up and down). Just don't slide them to the left, as that will remove widget settings. But if you slide from Primary to Tertiary, for example, the settings are retained.

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butcher+    3

Yeah, the problem is with the transtlation names for the sidebars only. When I deleted the names of the sidebars all works fine again. The no real need for me to translate sidebar names...but still - its a wierd problem...

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