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CSS Fails to load

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Since your site doesn't appear to be populated with posts, I'd suggest de-activating PageLines at Dashboard > Appearance > Themes. Uninstall it either via the Themes options or, via FTP. Go to your launchpad http://www.pagelines.com/launchpad/member.php and login. Download Pagelines Framework (latest edition is 2.2.5) and unzip the file. You'll find a folder called "pagelines". Move this to your computer's Desktop. FTP into your site and transfer the pagelines folder up to wp-content/themes in full. Return to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and activate Pagelines. Go immediately to Dashboard > PageLines > Store > Sections and make sure the sections are activated (it will let you know if that's not activated asking if you wish to. Say yes.). Return to Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options and see if things are messed up there.

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