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Style Classes for Dropdown Menus

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Since I just went through a lot of work finding tese, I thought I'd contribute to the forum. PageLines Staff, it would be nice to have a wiki or similar for users to add things like this. I don't think these are all the classes for styling the dropdown Nav menus, but it's a start. Others, feel free to add to the list. .dropdown.open .dropdown-toggle .dropdown.open .dropdown-toggle:hover This is the set of classes that came up in Firebug for the main menu item when I opened the dropdown. I used this set to change the background color of the main menu item. .dropdown-menu This sets the style for the basic dropped down section. Again, I just changed the background color, but you can also change borders, shadows, and other things. .dropdown-menu li > a:hover This lets me style the hovered-over item on the dropdown #site .dropdown-menu .current-menu-item > a And this styles the current item (the same on as the current page). Note it didn't work for me without the #site ID.

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