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CSS in Dropdown menus

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Hi. Is it possible to format dropdown menus (select, option) on a page like this: http://ammarnasfishing.com/rapporter/ without js? I would like to have the same semi-transparent look as on the rest of the page. Regards, Mikael


Mikael Båth

Pontus Wiknersgatan 1

411 32 Göteborg

076-030 6873

[email protected]



Ixnix Group Ltd.

8 Russell Street


London WC2B 5HZ


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Hi Mikael, I apologise but I am not quite sure what you mean by format menues select or option ? Would it be possible to go into greater detail please.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Henry Perkins
@strmiba You can apply styles using the SELECT selector or applying a classname to a SELECT element. However, you'll run into issues with IE < 8 applying things like borders to the element. You can then target options by using the OPTION selector. Example: [code]SELECT { border: solid 1px red; font-weight: bold; } OPTION { background:green; font-style: italic; }[/code]

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