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Adding 2 Column Layout to iBlogPro4 Full-Width page

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Ho All, I'm trying to mod the CSS of iBlogPro4 to provide a 2-column layout within the full-width page (Highlight Page - Full Width Page Template). Existing code:

<?php if(VPRO) { /* Template Name: Highlight Page - FullWidth */ get_header(); require(PRO.'/template_highlight.php'); require(THEME_LIB.'/template_fullwidth.php'); get_footer(); } ?>
My addition:
#side-a { float: left; width: 550px; } #side-b { margin: 0; float: left; width: 400px; }
I've tried adding the CSS to: Theme Option=>Custom Code Appearance=>Editor=>Highlight Page - FullWidth Appearance=>Editor=>Stylesheet But I'm getting no love. ANything you can do to help is much appreciated. NOTE: I'm a serious N00b when it comes to CSS. Thanks a ton. Still the most power (but totally usable) theme ever. Page I am working to modify to a 2 column: http://mindbodyfxalberta.com/weight-loss-book/

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