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functions.php broken leading to server error

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chasenet    0

Hi folks A tad embarrassing but I've managed to break my own site :/ I was trying to alter the code that put a google ad panel in the header of my site. As explained a while back here. I was trying to get rid of the google code to replace it with a static image ad. Anyway I must have done something wrong as the whole site has bombed. I had saved the original code but unfortunately wp won't allow me to post the original back into pagelines-customize/functions.php due to a 500 server error I have looked on the server with ftp for pagelines-customize/functions.php to manually overwrite it but can't find. My original code that worked fine is below Any help very much appreciated.

	 * PageLines Customize functions.php.
	 * @author Simon Prosser
	// ---- ADDING NEW TEMPLATES ---- //
		Want another page template for drag and drop? Easy 
		1. Add File called page.[page-id].php to this folder.
		2. Add Template Name: Your Page Name to that file ( see page.base.php for an example. )
		3. Thats it! We do the rest for you!
	// ---- ADDING NEW SECTIONS ---- //
		Adding new sections is really easy in 2.0
		1. Copy your section.[sectionname].php file into the sections folder
		2. It will be auto loaded for you.
		3. You can now enable/disable the section in the extensions menu.
	// FILTERS EXAMPLE ---------//
		// The following filter will add the font  Ubuntu into the font array $thefoundry.
		// This makes the font available to the framework and the user via the admin panel.
	add_filter ( 'pagelines_foundry', 'my_google_font' );
	function my_google_font( $thefoundry ) {
		$myfont = array( 'Ubuntu' => array(
				'name' => 'Ubuntu',
				'family' => '"Ubuntu", arial, serif',
				'web_safe' => true,
				'google' => true,
				'monospace' => false
		return array_merge( $thefoundry, $myfont );
	// add_action('hook_name','function name');
	// ---> uncomment to load
	add_action('pagelines_inside_top_branding', 'google_leaderboard_ad');
	// function name
	function google_leaderboard_ad(){
<?php } // end function[/code]

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Henry Perkins+    14
Henry Perkins
The best way to get to your functions.php at this point is through FTP. The pagelines-customize is in wp-content/plugins/pagelines-customize/ In there you'll find your functions.php to clean up.

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chasenet    0
Many thanks...sorted

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