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Im surprised at the Developer community and at Pagelines. I emailed Pagelines many times asking if they had any advise on or could point me to a developer that knew Pagelines products very well. I did not hear back from them after many attempts. I posted the question "again" on this site and was pointed to the Pageline Pro page like others have been. There you only find 4 people to chose from. It seem to me this is a missed opportunity for developers to show off their skills and to help those of us that need a little extra help. Pageline products have unique aspects to them that baffle some developers and Im looking for one that is familiar with it. I need a shopping cart and a forum added to a site I already have. Not a large job, but a job none the less. If anyone has experience with Platform Pro and can (and is willing to) help add eCommerce and a forum to a site, please contact me.

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