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Meta settings inherited by subpages on demand

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I was waiting for global meta settings (presented in 2.1) and its cool and all BUT are you planing to do something like settings inheritance ? For example. I have some pages tree Global settings for all pages Main 1 Main 2 - different look -Sub (different look inherited) -Sub (different look inherited) -Sub (different look inherited) Main 3 and i Want to have some second level subpage to look different and it would be nice to have all subpages of this one page to inherit those settings. Maybe not by default but if I change something it could have box to check 'all children pages inherit this setting' - something like that. Why this way ? Because If you have some static pages of certain character and you have a lot of them it would be so useful to change only the parent to apply changes for all sup-pages on demand (of course there is also an option for individual change for every subpage etc) What do you think about that guys? -- Bestregards Mariusz &'butcher&' Majer

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