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Better CSS customization?

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Hi - I would love to see a full CSS page with descriptions for what each style controls for easier customization. Something like this:

	.main_nav {
		background-color: #353d33;
	/*Navigation background color full width of layout*/
	#nav .content-pad { background-color: #353d33;}
	/*Removes the bottom border from the navigation*/
	.navigation_wrap { border-bottom: 0 none !important; }
	/*Changes  the primary nav text color AND background*/
	.main_nav li a {
		color: #FFF;
		background-color: #353d33;

I find it SO frustrating trying to use Firebug - find the element and try and change it only to have it not work!! This might be easy for CSS experts, but not all of us are! Thanks for listening. I love PageLines!

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