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Font Size Changed on Update

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Hi. First, we didn't make any changes in 2.1 that could affect font sizes unless you changed font sizes in a core file like style.css (outside the PageLines Customize plugin). It's possible a plugin's CSS might have been affected but very unlikely. Next, if I may point out, when you post a topic here in the forum, don't change from A Question to A Discussion Topic as this will place your question in a different queue we often miss and we'd like to reply to questions to help you. If we don't see your enquiry, we may not reply in a timely manner and you'll be un-assisted. I'm sure you don't want that anymore than we do. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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I have the same issue and guess that some plugin actually do affect the font size after the update. Will have do the old inactivate procedure. :(


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I see that there is a NEW update. Let me know if it fixed your issue strmiba.

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