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Installing Version 2.0

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I am trying to install the new version of Pagelines 2.0. I have the old one installed now, I think 1.5 or so. I need step by step instructions that are clearer than the "read me" file and other stuff I have found. I have 2 files ... 1.) 2.0 Pre-Order + PlatformPro 2.) PageLines Framework - Professional Do I install them both? What is the difference between the 2 files? When I tried to up load the file called "2.0 Pre-Order + PlatformPro" I received a message saying, "Destination folder already exists." I do not know how to change the name of the existing folder or how to create a new folder. I am using Media Temple. Do I need to do this with them? How do I change this folder name? thanks

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