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change iblog 5 background image

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Hi, I am using iblog 5 and am trying to change the background image. When I upload the image on the page that I want to change, it does not show up. As a test, I deactivated iblog5 and activated the framework only. When I do this the image shows up. But when I go back to iblog 5 it does not. Ideas on what's causing this or how I can get this fixed? Thanks, Debbie

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Deb, yes its a sort of bug, the color change tab was removed from iblog5 by choice of the author because the section backgrounds use image gradients but the background upload box was overlooked when we added the code to remove the color control ;) So really you shouldnt be able to do that at all! Anyway you can override the color control by opening iblog5/functions.php and removing this line: [code]$support->DisableCoreColor();[/code] That will enable all color controls and allow the background to render, you will see however the gradient images will not change color.

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