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No Carousel Section on Templates > Available / Disabled Sections

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Hello! I'm trying to follow the doc for enabling the Carousel on my template (http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/index.php?title=How_to_Use_the_Carousel_Section#Enable_Carousel), but I'm finding that I don't HAVE Carousel listed in my Available / Disabled Sections! I DO see the section listed in the Meta Settings when I create a new page (but the message is there that Carousel is "Inactive on Template". When I click the "Inactive on Template" button, I still don't have Carousel as an Available Section. I've gone to the Store to see if it was something I needed to add, but nothing there. This might be a very simple question, with an obvious answer - I AM still learning my way, and have tried to look into other options before posting here, but haven't found anything that helps me just yet (everything, like the official doc, seems to begin with the assumption that everything looks just right in the Templates section). Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D ~ Shawn

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