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I got introduced to PageLines through a third party who I purchased Station Pro through. I have been building the text into pages, and just as I got to the next step- loading graphics and video, they vaporized. The site is www.prooforpropaganda.com which promotes a film I produced under contract to NOAA on climate change. The pages under construction are on the third party's server, to which I still have access. In addition, the site needs to execute a store and discussion page. I was also looking to get help pulling images from my film, extracting segments and conversion to appropriate format for web presentation etc. As well as then loading to my domain host. Naturally things are seriously past due and over budget. Looking for someone with willingness to teach as wells execute, so that I can leverage my own time and ability to learn to get this up asap. Thanks! Patrick Gregston patrick at ceilingsunlimited dot tv 805-565-4143

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