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iBlogPro5 + CForms styling

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Hi everybody, I am attempting to get a style that comes with CForms working. I am doing that because I do not like the styling that comes with iBlogPro. To achieve that, I selected the style in the CForm Styling settings, and I commented the PageLines CForms css so that it does not interfere:

				.cform input {padding: 5px;font-size: 1.1em;}
				.cform fieldset{background: #fff;border:none;}
				input[type="text"].cf_error:focus {border: 1px solid #000;}
				 .cform label {
				.cform legend{display: none;}
				.contentcontainer  .cform {margin:5px 50px;padding:0px 0;}
				.cform ol, .cform li{list-style-type: none; margin:0;padding:0;}
				.cform li{margin-bottom: .7em;}
				.cform .single{width: 97%;}
				.cform .area{width: 97%;}
				.cform .emailreqtxt,.cform .reqtxt{font-style: italic;}
				.cf_hidden {display: none;}
				 .success {
					padding: 15px;
					margin-bottom: .5em;
				} */

But, as you can see on my website (http://www.hart-dev.com/contact), there still seems to be something wrong, as the fields are not aligned to the right of the labels, as expected in the CFORMS2012 style. Any ideas?

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For some reason the fields are automatically falling to the next line but I believe they can be repositioned using CSS. They just need to be smaller so that they don't stretch too wide past the right side of the content area.

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