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[solved]Activate links in TwitterBar in Pagelines 2.0 Framework?

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Update: sooooorry , I've been working on too many sites simultaneously... *lol* Looks like the links are active by default already in Pagelines 2.0... the prob was on a site that was still on an old version of Platform Pro.... so please disregard, can't delete my post unfortunately... Hi all, Yes, yes, I know there are already several threads here about how to make links inside the tweets in the twitterbar clickable, but maybe I just did not find the right one... Somehow the instructions are not for the more dense of us, hehe, or they refer to files/code snippets that are not present in the current version of the framework. Obviously it can be done - simple_mama got it working on her site http://www.healthifiedmom.com/ - soooooo, HOW??? :) thanks! Martin

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