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Homepage basics & selecting specific feature set

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Hi Folks I am having a small problem with my homepage set up. First can someone answer whether the only way to have blog posts (title & exert) on the homepage is to choose settings > reading settings > * your latest posts ? I'm getting close to what I want on my homepage but not quite. See http://www.englishstandard.co/images/homepage.png. I want the feature inside the content area with the right hand sidebar running down the right. As in the pic above. The problem is how do I set the feature set I want on the homepage - it's showing the blog template - so I can't alter Meta Settings like on a normal page - or can I?. Currently the homepage loads is loading all my (dummy) features - but I want to specify a particular set (set to the narrower width of being in the content section). -- Hope that makes sense - I'm totally new to this. Thanks for any help. More beginner type questions to follow :) BTW I think it would help novices like me if there was a 'homepage' template to modify.

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