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BuddyPress integration for PL 2.0 will take months ?!

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I bought Pagelines Pro a year ago because of it's integration with BuddyPress (and BBPress). Then I bought the Pagelines 2.0 framework (pre launch) and assumed that it would support BP as well. I even emailed the PL team about this and was told that integration would come SOON after the release of 2.0 But now I just read a statement by @arpowers here in the forums that it might take MONTHS (!) for an integration plugin to come out. That's not acceptable. I'm running a business and I need BuddyPress! Don't get me wrong, the new framework looks awesome and I don't even mind the price but it's not cool to just drop support for a feature (without warning) that your customers rely on to earn an income. Now I can't even use the new framework but have to wait until this is fixed. Please make this a priority!!! p.s. I also really hope we won't have to pay for that new BuddyPress plugin.

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