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Flash swf doesn't work

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Hi dear Pagelines team, For my website www.calci-patrimoine.com in plateformpro. I have installed WP-SWFObject and Kimili but the squared space stay white. The SWF doens't work. But it's work here : http://www.calci-patrimoine.com/wp-content/images/banner/hq_text_banner_300x250_cs4.swf'>http://www.calci-patrimoine.com/wp-content/images/banner/hq_text_banner_300x250_cs4.swf Here is my test page : http://www.calci-patrimoine.com/test-2/ My code used : [swf]http://www.calci-patrimoine.com/wp-content/images/banner/hq_text_banner_300x250_cs4.swf'>http://www.calci-patrimoine.com/wp-content/images/banner/hq_text_banner_300x250_cs4.swf, 300, 250[/swf] [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.calci-patrimoine.com/wp-content/images/banner/hq_text_banner_300x250_cs4.swf'>http://www.calci-patrimoine.com/wp-content/images/banner/hq_text_banner_300x250_cs4.swf" height="300" width="250" /] Could you help me fix this, or find an other way ? Thanks and love :)

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