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I have two Warning errors

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I was making changes to the footer... before I made these changes .. I had uploaded a catch plugin cache plugin for the flicker or next gen gallery..it gave a message to ensure the write priv were to be set at 755 post write. for this file path chmod 755 /home/content/42/8676542/html/wp-content. (755 read write execute for owner was returned.... but the changes to replace a menu ??) caused the errors below... both which are php files. **Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/42/8676542/html/wp-content/themes/whitehousepro/pro/template_feature.php on line 6 **Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/42/8676542/html/wp-content/themes/whitehousepro/pro/template_fboxes.php on line 8 HELP?? found the file ... see the error ... do not know what to replace it with except switch out the php files of the of template feature and fboxes, and try to find the "offending" chmod. The back up did not return the features. Please feel free to suggest any quicker fixes ...

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