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menus not allowing additional submenus

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I created a menu for my site (www.oracle-ebs-dba-notes.com) a week ago and it was working great. Each day I would create a new page and then add the new page to the menu. Typically I would move the new page under an existing page. For example... Page1 ....Page2 ....Page3 ....Page4 But yesterday, when I attempted to add a new page in the menu, I moved it under a previous page/heading and when I saved the menu the page moved to the same level as the heading. For example, when I added the page to the menu it would look like.... Page1 ....Page2 ....Page3 ....Page4 ....NewPage5 But when I clicked save for the menu, it would look like... Page1 ....Page2 ....Page3 ....Page4 NewPage5 I verified that this is what it looked like on my webpage. Then I tried to create a new menu and I added pages. But none of the page will save under another page. They all stay at the same level.

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