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CSS help needed: custom subnav

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Hello, I'm very new to coding and I don't quite know CSS very well. I would like to copy the look and feel of the navigation from a template to use as a subnav menu on a new site. Here is the testing area: http://testing.turtleconservancy.org/'>http://testing.turtleconservancy.org/ username: admin password: password The subnav menu that I would like to copy is here: http://news.turtleconservancy.org/ Here is the part that is really stumping me... I would like to align the menu text on the right and have a title overlay on the left side of this subnav bar. I would like for the subnav bar to "disappear" behind the title. Here is the example that I created with Photoshop and iWeb: http://turtleconservancy.org/'>http://turtleconservancy.org/ Basically I would like to take what I created with drag-n-drop seen here: http://turtleconservancy.org/'>http://turtleconservancy.org/ and recreate it with CSS/Best practice web standards here: http://testing.turtleconservancy.org/'>http://testing.turtleconservancy.org/ If anyone could help me with this, I would be indebted to you! Thanks for any suggestions, Max

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