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Location of some header code

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Hello again Pagelines! You guys know your code best- I need some help finding some code in the header. You see, I had a developer add a log-in/log-out in the header. Please note top right: http://aocpmr.org/?wpjf3_mr_temp_access_key=HNMcunO8OqFWP9OLT7hv. Well, he stopped working on the project, and now I'm stuck with this dysfunctional log-in I need to get rid of. I opened and looked over the header.php file, but I don't know what to delete. I'm posting the current header.php file below- sorry if that's annoying! Search "s2_login_box" and you'll see the area of code. I don't know what to delete and what should stay. thanks! nick

	<?php do_action('pagelines_before_html');?>
		<?php if(pagelines('favicon')):?><?php endif;?>
		<?php if(pagelines('touchicon')):?><?php endif;?>
			global $bbpress_forum;
			if($bbpress_forum ):?>
				<?php bb_title() ?>
				<?php bb_feed_head(); ?>
				<?php bb_head(); ?>
		<?php else:?>
			<?php if(is_front_page()) { echo SITENAME; } else { wp_title(''); } ?>
		<?php endif;?>
		<?php if ( is_single() || is_page()) wp_enqueue_script( 'comment-reply' ); ?> 
		<?php  wp_enqueue_script("jquery"); ?>
		<?php get_template_part ('library/dynamic_css'); ?>
	<?php if((is_page_template('page-carousel.php') || is_page_template('page-carousel-full.php')) && VPRO) get_template_part ('core/inits/init_carousel');?>
	<?php if((is_page_template('page-feature.php') || is_page_template('page-feature-page.php') || (is_home() && pagelines('featureblog'))) && VPRO) get_template_part ('core/inits/init_feature');?>
	<?php if(pagelines('enable_drop_down') && VPRO) get_template_part ('core/inits/init_dropdown');?>
	<?php get_template_part ('library/_ie_fixes'); ?>
	  	<?php if(VPRO) get_template_part('library/_font_replacement');?>
		<?php if (pagelines('headerscripts')) echo pagelines('headerscripts');?>
		<?php wp_head(); ?>
		<?php if (pagelines('asynch_analytics')) echo pagelines('asynch_analytics');?>
<?php s2_login_box(); ?>
<?php if(pagelines('custom_header')):?> <?php bloginfo('name');?> <?php else:?>

<?php bloginfo('name');?>

<?php bloginfo('description');?>
<?php endif;?>
<?php if(pagelines('rsslink')):?> <?php endif;?> <?php if(VPRO):?> <?php if(pagelines('twitterlink')):?> <?php endif;?> <?php if(pagelines('facebooklink')):?> <?php endif;?> <?php if(pagelines('linkedinlink')):?> <?php endif;?> <?php if(pagelines('youtubelink')):?> <?php endif;?> <?php endif;?>
<?php function nav_fallback() {?>
  • <?php wp_list_pages( 'title_li=&sort_column=menu_order&depth=3'); ?>
<?php } if(function_exists('wp_nav_menu')):?> <?php wp_nav_menu( array('menu_class' => 'mnav dropdown fix', 'container' => null, 'container_class' => '', 'depth' => 3, 'theme_location'=>'primary', 'fallback_cb'=>'nav_fallback') );?>

<?php else:?> <?php nav_fallback();?> <?php endif;?>

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Hi Nick, I would recommend backing up the file, and then try removing this: [code] [/code] Save the file and check out your site. Let us know if it works or not.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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I took your advice, copy/pasted the current header.php to a word doc and copy/pasted the original header.php code back into the editor. It got me back to where I needed to be. Thanks for some common sense tip. nick

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