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Activating the Correct Theme

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Activating the Correct Theme Frequently, users of PlatformPro miss some of the critical instructions and information available in our Docs section (http://www.pagelines.com/docs). One of the most critical things we??™ve noted has been which product is activated as the theme in Wordpress. If you have accidentally activated PlatformPro, you should have Platformbase activated as the default theme. However, if you have already designed your site in PlatformPro as your activated theme, we??™ll need to take nine easy steps to ensure that when you change over, everything will be correct. 1. Open a Notepad on your computer, then visit Dashboard > PlatformPro > Custom Code. Copy all CSS Rules to the Notepad. If you have any other custom code in that area, copy and paste that as well to the Notepad. Save the Notepad to your Desktop as CustomCode.txt 2. Go through each tab in the PlatformPro settings and make a note (on a pad, preferably) of your settings, such as which options are checked. An easy method is to print the page. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. 3. FTP into your site navigating to your WP installation > wp-content > themes > platformpro. Download any template or section files, and CSS files you may have altered, as well as the functions.php if you added any hooks. Save them in a new folder on your desktop. 4. Go to Dashboard > Appearances > Themes and activate PlatformBase. 5. Next, go to Dashboard > PlatformPro Settings and go through each setting, simply to ensure that the settings were picked up. If they do not match, verify the proper settings from your notes or printed pages. Save each after completing. 6. When you reach Custom Code, open the text file created in Section 1 above and copy each part and paste it in the correct area??¦ custom CSS to CSS Rules, etc. Save 7. If you did customize section or template files, upload them now to wp-content > themes > platformbase. 8. If you customized any CSS files, locate the customized section in the files you downloaded to the Desktop and add the customized section to PlatformPro > Custom Code in the CSS Rules area. Save. 9. Check your site to make sure everything is as it should be. Why is this important? When PlatformPro is upgraded, your settings can be wiped out if PlatformBase is not the activated theme. By activating PlatformBase, you ensure that your settings, style changes, hooks and other changes are preserved and protected. If you activate the wrong one, you will have some errors, as well as serious limitations of the things you can achieve with Platform.

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